GITANATRIP Sailing San Blas


We offer an incredible trip of 5 days fom Panama to Colombia or from Colombia to Panama. 

Two days open water and three days in the islands discovering San Blas islands on board of our boat which is full of history (Meet the boat Gitana III) including 3 meals per day, immigration staff and activities as snorkel, barbecue in the island, visiting the Kuna culture and a lots of fun.


Routes _________________________________________________________________________________


5 days trip – Panama – San Blas – Cartagena de Indias or Cartagena de Indias – San Blas – Panama

From Panama:
Porvenir’s Harbour (Gitana III will pick you up) - Chichime lagoon – Holandeses Cays – Cartagena de Indias

From Cartagena de Indias:
Club Naútico Marina, Manga (Gitana III will pick you up) - Holandeses Cays – Chichime lagoon – Porvenir


During the trip through the San Blas islands we will anchor in different wild and sumptuous reefs like Cays Holandeses, Chichime Lagoon and El Porvenir cays, where we would snorkel and discover the wonderful marine life, fish with harpoon and currican fishing, BBQ during the night and also have time to visit traditional villages, buy crafts and meet Kuna culture background on a tailored tour for your interests and availability of days.

You will also enjoy sailing on board of this piece of history from the Rothschild family, Gitana III, an authentic and classic way to sail through the Caribbean Sea.



* To book a room A, B and D is necessary to make a reservation for two peolple.

Not includes ____________________________________________________________________________

Transportation is not included from El Porvenir to Panama City or Panama City to El Porvenir.

    * We arrange for you a transportation Porvenir-Panama City (hostel of your choice or airport) although this is not included in the price.
· Taxiboat (10$) + jeep through the jungle (25$)
· By plain (70$)

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